Made in the USA vs Designed in the USA What’s the difference

Made in the USA vs Designed in the USA What’s the difference

Posted by Anthony | Outer Banks Country Store on 1st Dec 2017

Made in the USA vs. Designed in the USA

So what’s the difference and why should I care?

At a recent trade show I discovered a disturbing trend in Rustic Signs and Decor.

Companies that do all of their manufacturing overseas are trying to fool customers into thinking they are

an American company by adding a sticker on their products that says DESIGNED IN THE USA.

I would like to explain why this is a deception and why you need to look closer for

the MADE IN THE USA label.

MADE IN THE USA: Made in the USA is just what it says!

The item is not only designed here in the USA, but ALL manufacturing is MADE here, creating more jobs right here in America.

This also offers better quality control. There is a closer relationship with vendors and customers

and most companies respect each other and try not to copy each others work. It is a community of artisans.

It’s very Simple, no need for a long explanation.


Designed in the USA is a deception. A company can employ one designer in the USA and then the items are made in bulk in a third world country cheaply and then shipped back to the USA. Just look on the back at the labeling, there will be a big sticker that says designed in the USA and then a small sticker that says Made in China. Sometimes the Designed in the USA label is actually on top of the Made in China sticker so that the customer does not know until the sale is complete. Companies that have their products made overseas are cutting corners. The items do not have the same quality control and are often made with inferior materials. I have also noticed that they DO NOT COST LESS than American Made. Because of tariffs and transport costs the items often cost more. Companies like this have often taken designs from others and had cheap knock offs made in China.

It’s simple, if you want to Buy American know what you are buying. Take that extra second and don’t just glance at a product. Look and see if it is actually made here in the USA. By law, a product from overseas must be labeled from the country of origin. Outer Banks Country Store designs and manufactures all our signs here in the USA. Signs can be customized by the customer in their choice of over 25 color combinations including different colored letters. No more cookie cutter signs that only come in one color. Have your sign created to match YOUR decor!

Sure we sell items on our website made overseas, it’s impossible to not. Some items are not available made in the USA. But, we don’t deceive by labeling Designed in the USA and we by American whenever possible. You should too!