Grapeseed Oil | Carrier Oil for Essential Oils | Base Oil

100% Pure
Grapeseed Oil 
Carrier Oil for Diluting Essential Oils

Base Oil for Massage 
Size: 4 fluid ounces
Packaged in a plastic bottle
Grapeseed Oil is light and odorless, great for lubrication and easily absorbed by all skin types. It won’t alter the scent of the essential oil. Use alone or combine with pure essential oils for a personalized fragrant or therapeutic blend. If adding essential oils, keep in mind that our oils are highly concentrated and potent and should not exceed 3% of your total massage mixture.

All of our essential oils are obtained exclusively through steam distillation or cold press, using no chemical solvents for extraction.
  • Quality tested
  • 100% pure botanical oils
  • Lot-coded for quality assurance and tracking
  • No animal testing Kosher certified



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