Cedarwood Essential Oil | 100% Pure Cedarwood Oil

100% Pure
Cedarwood Essential Oil

Juniperous mexicana
Warm, soothing, woody aroma that promotes peace and relaxation of the mind and body, while also encouraging mental clarity and focus.
Size: 1/3 oz.
1/3 oz. bottle features amber glass to diminish harmful light exposure
and a convenient drip-top dispenser.

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Calming, Comforting, Rich, wood aroma

Steam Distilled
All of our essential oils are obtained exclusively through steam distillation or cold press, using no chemical solvents for extraction.  
  • Quality tested
  • 100% pure botanical oils
  • Lot-coded for quality assurance and tracking
  • No animal testing Kosher certified


Cedarwood oil is a versatile oil, which has been used by many cultures throughout history. It has been appreciated for as many spiritual and mood-enhancing benefits as it has been for its benefits to the physical body. Cedarwood is used to encourage a feeling of peace, along with mental clarity and focus, while physically promoting relaxation of the overall body. Some studies have shown Cedarwood to aid the immune system due to its natural abilities to lower stress. Since the 18th century, it has been studied for numerous therapeutic benefits, from its ability to promote intestinal and kidney health to its usefulness in treating respiratory conditions. Cedarwood has also been noted for its anti-inflammatory properties in alleviating painful joints and muscles, and for its antiseptic properties in promoting healthy skin. Ancient Egyptians used it in the embalming process; ancient Greeks used it to repel bugs; Some Native American tribes used it to enhance spiritual communication and overall protection.

Topically*: The astringent characteristics of Cedarwood give it a valuable role in shampoos and in moisturizers to encourage clear and healthy skin; dab on the back of the neck to encourage focus; add to massage oil for promoting relaxation and inner peace.

 * Pure essential oils are very potent.  We strongly recommend diluting them when applying topically to avoid any potential skin sensitivities. Please refer to our Essential Oil Safety Guidelines for more information.

Aromatically: Diffuse and/or inhale the scent of Cedarwood alone or with complimentary scents to promote peace and relaxation, and to increase feelings of comfort and clarity.

Blends well with...
Bergamot for feelings of strength and security
Orange or Lemon to boost feelings of warmth and happiness Lavender to encourage relaxation & restful sleep
Eucalyptus to reduce sinus congestion

More Tips & Common Uses: Add a drop to wooden chests for preserving cloth items; add a few drops to hair conditioner to promote healthy hair; add to a water bottle and spray around the house to deter bugs. Add to any of our great recipes for hand creams, lotions, body butters and more.

Biblical References to Cedarwood Oil: It was mentioned mostly as a wood burned for ceremonies and is associated with cleansing and purification. Most likely used was the cedar of Lebanon (C. libani), trees that are still around today, and are a source of antioxidant essential oils. The Bible lists cedarwood as:

    • A ceremonial tool for cleansing leprosy (Leviticus 14, Numbers 19)
    • A perfume (Psalm 45:8)
    • A symbol of abundance and provision (Numbers 24:6, Psalm 92:12, Ezekiel 31:3)
    • A symbol of security and stability (Song of Solomon 1:17; 8:9; Zechariah 11:2)
    • The best wood for building, trading and currency (2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Ezra 3, Jeremiah 22, Ezekiel 17)
    • Mentioned by Solomon (I Kings 4:34)
    • The oil extracted from the cedars of Lebanon was used to embalm the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt
    • Scientists of today have demonstrated the antioxidant properties of cedarwood oil.



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