Our Mission is to bring the Knowledge and Healing benefits of 100% pure essential oils to everyone, at a price that everyone can afford. With 100% Pure, all natural, plant oils, these high quality, high potency oils are offered at the lowest price! We do NOT buy from multi-level marketing (pyramid) companies.

 We are happy to offer LorAnn Oils, a Trusted Manufacturer of 100% Pure Essential Oils for over a HALF CENTURY! Their history dates back to the Grettenberger Drug and General Store, founded in the late 1800’s in Okemos, Michigan. In 1962 they began supplying their own premium quality natural essential oils. Quality You Can Trust: LorAnn’s Essential Oils are quality tested and Certified to guarantee 100% pure botanical oils without any added solvents, alcohol, extenders or other diluting agents.  All are steam distilled or cold pressed from herbs, fruits and flowers. No animal testing.