Rice Lights | Green Wire | Green Cord | 100 | Clear Bulb

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Green Wire Rice Lights, also called Teeny Bulbs,
are brighter & last longer than Christmas lights!
You can barely see the bulbs when they’re
not lit because they're so small!
But when you light them up, they have a great, cozy look!

Size:  100 bulbs, 26 feet long

Indoor use only.
100 Teeny Ultra Bright Bulbs on 26 ft. Wire.
Bulbs Remain Lit Even If One Burns Out.
120 Volt Plug-in/ Safety Fuse Plug

These lights have a "Stackable" plug, which means there’s
1 plug at the end that plugs into the outlet, and on the back of that plug,
 it has slots to plug another strand into it.
 But this strand does not have a plug on both ends.

This item does not have an end to end plug.