Original No Drill No Hole Hook for vinyl siding Set of 2

MSRP: $6.99
Was: $5.99
Now: $4.94
(You save $2.05 )
No-Hole original

The "Original" No-Hole Hook
An easy quick solution to hanging decorative
items on your home's vinyl siding

Simply roll into any seam of your vinyl sided home. 

This hook sticks straight out from the vinyl approximately 1 inch.

It is best used to hang items like a wreath or similar item.

Hang decorative items on vinyl siding without drilling or hammering.

Simply slide this stainless steel hook beneath your vinyl siding to hold items
such as address or name plaques, seasonal and holiday decorations.
You no longer have to damage your vinyl siding by drilling holes,
hanging anchors, nor using adhesives, so you won't void your siding warranty.
Stainless steel won't rust, nor stain your siding.
Re-position or remove easily at any time without damage.
Each holds up to 5-6 lbs.